Cycling / Trampolines


TWO distinct choices to give you the BEST cycling experience around!  (Feel free to switch back and forth…we know you’ll love them both!)

The RealRyder Cycling Experience



  • Located at our Elm Street location.
  • RealRyder bikes lean with your body left and right as you ride to simulate an actual outdoor riding experience.
  • Increase core strength and stability, challenge balance and full-body coordination.
  • Recruit more muscles during leaning and steering movements to burn approximately 20% more calories compared to a conventional stationary bike
  • Improve endurance, speed and agility for sport, and benefit from greater joint mobility (especially, hips, back and knees) as the bike moves with your body’s natural pedaling motion.



  • Located at our Ridge Pike location.
  • Separate cycling room with stadium seating.
  • Keiser M3+ bikes are recognized as one of the VERY best indoor cycling bikes on the market.
  • Utilize body bars as well as strength bands to work your upper body during Cycle PLUS.
  • Magnetic flywheel causes no friction and makes cadence smooth throughout each revolution.
  • Digital display of numerical resistance level allows for easy, accurate adjustments during various speeds and intensities.
  • Back-lit computer display panel allows you to continuously monitor your heart rate, cadence, calorie expenditure, power, and mileage while you ride.


Experience the uniqueness of a HIGH intensity workout that is ultra-LOW impact!  This full-body workout burns TONS of calories and is as beneficial for your health as it is FUN

Why is trampoline fitness so good for you?

  • LOW IMPACT- It’s easy on your low back, ankles, knees, ligaments and joints. Jumping on a trampoline gives you the benefits of a high intensity workout while maintaining extremely low impact on your body.
  • FULL-BODY WORKOUT- Our trampoline workouts incorporate dumbbells, body bars, bands and other movements to ensure that not just your lower body does the work!
  • ALLEVIATE BACK PAIN – Keep your back healthy, strong and pain-free with these workouts, as they help you to increase core strength, and improve balance and coordination to protect your back during your daily routine.
  • ENERGIZE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM – Your lymphatic system is your network of vessels and organs that target bacteria and viruses. Trampoline workouts help keep your lymphatic  system strong, which aids in flushing out toxins in your body.
  • HEALTHY BONES – Bones need weight-bearing force to maintain their density. Jumping on a trampoline puts healthy pressure on bones to stimulate them into renewal.

CORE WORKOUT –You’ll continuously engage your core while balancing yourself on the trampoline surface.  Pilates movements will be incorporated to give you an extra core burn!