Enhance your RealRyder Experience with Spivi App!

Hi Tone Zoners!  In order to provide the most personalized RealRyder experience for you, here’s how the technology works for RealRyder classes.  If you have time to do this before your next RealRyder class, that would be great!  If not, no worries…your stats (in general) will still be on the board for you to view.

Step 1:  Download the Spivi app to your phone.  Inline image 2


Step 2:  Open the app and sign up using either Facebook or your email address.

Step 3:  In the app, go to SETTINGS and fill out the personal information. (When it asks for Max Heart Rate, the answer is 220 minus your current age)

Here’s what will happen when you arrive at our RealRyder studio:

  • Keep your phone with you (initially) and sit on any bike you wish.
  • Your bike will have a wristband on the handle.  Put it on.
  • Open the Spivi app on your phone and enter your bike number.
  • All of your personal stats will automatically transfer to your bike, pod and the main board!
  • Your data will be emailed to you automatically after class, and all stats will be accessible to you on your app.
  • Don’t want your stats up on the main screen? Simply ask your instructor how to be removed.  Your stats will still be recorded in Spivi and sent to you.

Thanks, and have a great Ryde!



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