Guaranteed to be a knock-out, this class is equally as intense as it is FUN! Never boxed?  Neither have most of our participants, so you’re in excellent company!  Tone Zone Boxing instructors will teach form and technique along the way.  Each round you’ll be throwing various combinations on our bags, targets and mitts. Skipping rope and mat abs will give you a full-body experience.  WARNING: You may get addicted to this stress-relieving, cardio, core and arms workout!

TZ Tip: We will always have boxing gloves for you to use. If you think you’ll continue to take this class on a regular basis, it’s worth it to invest in your own pair of gloves. If you plan to punch with everything you’ve got and want to protect your wrists and knuckles beyond the protection that the gloves give you, then we suggest wearing wrist wraps.  While we don’t specifically endorse brands or products, if you email us, we can suggest a few styles that will work well for our class.