I’m a new Tone Zoner!  How do I get started?

We have NO CONTRACTS at Tone Zone!  We simply offer convenient, flexible class packages to meet your fitness needs!

To begin, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of our 3 week trial!  For only $30, you can attend unlimited classes for 21 days (one per day)!  This will give you the opportunity to try everything we have to offer, and it will help you to decide which class package will best fit your needs going forward. Your 3 weeks won’t begin until you attend your first class, so you can purchase the trial at your earliest convenience!

Just want to try one class?  We have a single-class option, too!  All of our package options can be found on our prices page.  Click the option of your choice, and you’ll be taken to our online system.  There, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up an easy-to-manage account
  • Purchase class packages
  • Schedule your favorite classes

How do I reserve my spot in class?

Because we like to make sure there is always a comfortable capacity in our classes, we require that Tone Zoners reserve their spots in classes ahead of time.  You can either log in to your account using a computer to book your classes from the classes tab, or you can download our FREE Tone Zone app for Android and iOS to book your classes on the go!

What happens if I am waitlisted for a class?

If you are waitlisted for a class, you will receive a notification via text message or email if a spot opens up for you.  Be sure your phone number is listed in your profile information in order to receive waitlist notifications via text message.  **Most importantly, make sure the box is checked in your profile to allow for notifications, or else the system will not be able to alert you when you are added to a class.  If a spot opens up for you and you are unable to attend, be sure to cancel immediately to avoid losing the class credit.


What happens if I have to cancel my class reservation?

In the event that you are unable to attend a reserved class, be sure to cancel your class reservation as quickly as possible to avoid losing your class credit.  Our cancellation window works like this:

In order to increase your chances of knowing if you are off a waitlist for morning classes before you go to sleep, our cancellation window is 9 HOURS for all early morning classes (those that occur BEFORE 9:30am), and all weekend classes.  For all other classes (9:30am and later on weekdays), there is a 4-hour cancellation window.

This means:
Weekday Mornings                                     Weekends
Class Time        Cancel By           (General Time)          Cancel By                               

5:25 am             8:25 pm                      7:30 am                  10:30 pm

5:35 am             8:35 pm                      8:30 am                  11:30 pm

5:45 am             8:45 pm                      9:30 am                  12:30 am

6:00 am             9:00 pm

6:25 am             9:25 pm


What should I bring to class?

We have everything you need to have a successful workout!  Wear comfortable fitness clothing, and bring your own water bottle if you’d like.  We have a water cooler in case you don’t have your own water, or if you need a refill.  If you use cycling shoes, our RealRyders are compatible with standard clips.  Barre classes are performed either barefoot or with socks (so make sure they match!).  Cubbies are provided for your personal belongings.  In the event of rain or snow, we encourage you to bring a dry pair of sneakers to change into upon entering the studio to keep the floors dry and safe.


I haven’t worked out in a while!  Which is the best class to start with so I don’t embarrass myself?

There really isn’t a wrong place to start!   Tone Zone is known for our tough workouts, however, our instructors always encourage everyone to go at their own pace and take breaks as needed. There’s a water cooler that you can visit to take breaks, too.  We pride ourselves in creating an extremely non-judgmental environment, and you should feel comfortable going at your own pace and modifying when necessary.

What if I’m new to RealRyder?

No problem…you’re not alone!  New riders join us every day, and our instructors are skilled at helping all levels.  They’ll get your bike adjusted for you, go over all of the basics, and talk you (and everyone) through each movement to help all participants with their technique!

What if I have injuries?

Simply tell your instructor about your past injuries, so he/she can guide you in modifying any exercises that might cause you discomfort or further issues.  Be sure to always STOP doing any movement in class that feel wrong to you.  Listen to your body!  There are always plenty of alternative movements that can be done, and our instructors will work with you to find them.

How do I know which class package is best for me?

NOTE:  You can switch between packages at the end of a billing cycle, or for the Rolling 10, after any 10 are used. To cancel an autopay package, we simply ask for 30 days’ notice, with the exception of the Rolling 10 package, for which we ask 2 billing cycles before canceling.

Still have questions?  We’d love to hear from you!

Contact Leslie and Scott at tonezone4me@gmail.com